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Do you hunt? Do you shoot competition? Have you ever wondered how well your rifle can actually perform? Our precision rifle class can answer just that. This class focuses on the intricacies of shooting long range. It starts with a classroom discussion about internal, external, transitional, and terminal ballistics, (what makes the rifle and bullet do its thing!) Then we move to the range, gathering data from your rifle. Here, the student will learn the techniques needed to be effective behind a bolt rifle. At the end of the day, the student will have the knowledge to make range time effective and fun.

Parallax and scope adjustment (classroom)
Good bench techniques
Explain trace charts (classroom)
Reading wind and mirage
Wind affect
Temperature affect (classroom)
Barometric pressure affect (classroom)
Humidity affect (classroom)
Shooting up and down hill (classroom)
Terminal bullet performance (classroom)
Spotting for a shooter
Cleaning your rifle (classroom)
Shooting from 220 yds to 1000 yds

Equipment Requirements:

Centerfire rifle with scope
Spotting scope (if you have one. Don’t buy one for class)
Binoculars (if you have a pair. Don’t buy any for class)
60 rounds of ammunition
If they are reloads, brand of bullets and configuration should be known
Be able to pass background check
Show up at range with bolt open and no ammunition in magazine

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