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Tactical Patrol Rifle

The Basic Tactical Patrol Rifle Course has been designed to familiarize the Law Enforcement Officer with basic tactical rifle practices and techniques. . It is the intent of this class to not only instill these techniques, but to also leave the officer with a standard by which he can continue to train and practice in the proper methods. This course emphasizes techniques for handling the weapon and addresses in general terms when a Patrol Rifle is applicable, but does not set policy for when the weapon should be used. This is left up to the officers individual departments

The Basic Tactical Patrol Rifle Course is an 8 hour hands on course designed to initiate the officer in the use of AR Style weapons. This includes proper methods for holding the weapon, proper stances and positions, weapon sights, magazine positioning on vests and duty gear, changing magazines, shooting a rifle from cover, walk and shoot and firing at distances.

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