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Tactical Patrol Officer (TPO)

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September 25th-28th - Mandan ND

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Course Description:

The Tactical Patrol Officer (TPO) course is designed to offer a basic level of tactical training and knowledge to patrol officers to help bridge the gap between normal patrol functions and those of more specialized units, such as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Units.  Officers completing this course will have an understanding and familiarization with equipment, tactics, and knowledge in the areas of advanced firearms manipulation, room clearing, open area movements, high risk traffic stops, officer down rescues, and active threat response.  This course emphasizes practical instruction and hands on skills, which culminate in the final practical exam.  The final exam consists of two (2) predetermined scenarios in which the students will be expected to utilize the training and experience gained throughout the course to appropriately compete the scenarios.


This class is available to any certified law enforcement staff that has a current law enforcement pistol qualification on file and can demonstrate proper and safe weapons handling and manipulation. As well possesses a solid understanding of use of force concepts as they relate to the law.


Topics Covered

1.      Advanced Firearm Techniques

2.      Sniper Overview

3.      Room Clearing

4.      Open Area Movement Techniques

5.      Basic Breaching

6.      Vehicle Takedowns

7.      Officer Down/Officer Rescue

8.      Active Threat

9.      Shotgun Overview (other uses)

10.  Dynamic vs. Static Situation/ Response

11.  Tactical EMS Care

12.  Specialized Equipment          

13.  Transition to SWAT taking the Scene

14.  Practical Scenarios and Exam

15.  Pistol Qualification Course

16.  Rifle Qualification Course

Student Requirements

1.      Eye Protection

2.      Ear Protection

3.      Rifle/Shotgun w/Sling

4.      3 Rifle Magazines

5.      Pistol

6.      3 Pistol Magazines

7.      Protective Vest

8.      Holster

9.      Magazine Holders

10.  Ammunition (500 Per Weapon System)

11.  Weapon Light

12.  Handheld Light

13.  Any Tactical Equipment (Ram/Shields/Etc.)

14.  Notebook and Pen

15.  Sack Lunch

16.  Water


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