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The Intermediate Pistol Class is designed to take the Pistol shooter to the next level with their skills. It is a follow-on to what we call our Level-1/2 class. Here is an outline of the Intermediate Class:

· Review of Pistol Basics

· Stance

· Grip

· Sight Picture

· Holster Review

· Position

· Draw Techniques

· Trigger Work

· Rhythm – Reset

· Draw & fire

· Magazine Change

· Magazine Placement – Methods

· Magazine Change Drills

· Work Space – Techniques

· Failures & Clearing Techniques

· Firing over your Sights

· Move & Shoot

· Low Ready


· Move & Shoot – Obstacles

· Move and Shoot – Unorthodox

· Concealment vs. Cover

· Engagements - Steel

· Multiple Targets

· Decisions under Duress

· Shoot until the Threat Ends

· Magazine Changes while engaging Multiple targets.

· Moving Targets

· Scenarios- Shoot-Debrief

This course requires approx. 250-300 rounds of ammunition, 3-4 pistol magazines, a magazine pouch or tactical vest with pouches, and the standard safety gear, glasses/hearing etc. It lasts from 6-9 hours depending on the class size.

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