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Defensive Pistol Level 2 and 3 (NEW)

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Cost $125

Location: Classes Start at 9:15 at the Sponsored Location then move to our Private Range in Molt a short distance North West of Billings. (Directions will be provided at the Sponsor location)

A $25 Gift Card will be provided when a course is sponsored by Cabela's
A $25 Gift Card will be provided when a course is sponsored by Scheels

Defensive Pistol - LEVEL-2

Cost $125

Location: The Level-2 Class starts at 9:15am at our Molt Facility. (Directions will be provided upon request.)

A $25 Gift Card will be provided by Scheels

 The Defensive Pistol Level-2 Course has been designed to pick up where our Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol class left off.



• Refresher  - Review of the Level-1 Class - warmup 
• Holster work. ( Everything in this class will start from the Holster)
• Magazine changes - work space
• Firing from weak side. Single Hand weak, Single Hand Strong
• Position Shooting. On the Ground, Kneeling, on your back, from Cover
• Move and shoot

• Multiple Practical Drills


 • A Hard Holster Kydex/Carbon Fibre/ Leather etc.

• A Double Magazine pouch or two single magazine pouches.

• 3 Magazines for your pistol

• 200 rounds of ammunition

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask via email ( or call 669-3367.


Defensive Pistol Level 3

This is a continuation of the New Defensive Pistol Level 3
We will discuss this class in further detail when you attend the Level 2 class. We will have more details online soon as this class is still under development.

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